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5 Ways To Waste Money While In College

A typical campus lad or lass has no money of their own. But again a typical campus student has money to spend.

While such a stage in life would be the ideal scenario for the young ones to cultivate financial discipline, most of them use this lifetime opportunity to exhibit flamboyance and arrogance when it comes to spending.

There is hardly any financial wisdom among many college students and here are some of the quick ways to waste money while in college:

Expensive Gadgets

Do you really need the latest phone or computer in the market? Is it really necessary to spend an upward of Kshs. 100,000 while still in campus? Of course you will need to have advanced technology but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any devices out their with the latest technology at a lower cost.

*Arthur(not his real name), a sophomore at the University of Nairobi best exemplifies such a scenario. The dude is barely twenty years old and lives on his parents money but owns an iPhone 7.

Fancy Dates

There is no better way to show off than fancy dates and expensive restaurants. But it beats logic! Why would you waste money on such fantasies when you haven’t even started making your own?

Another friend of mine in one of the local universities was such a person who would spend all their money on a day’s date and go broke for a month.

Club Life

This is certainly a calling for most college students. Life without clubs and parties is deemed a total bore. And that’s where a lot of cash is spent. This is the only purpose a college student would save money for. And then end up spending it all, without caring about tomorrow.


There is no harm in being in a relationship. However it is utterly disappointing when relationships drain our financial muscles. As much as a lot of effort has to be put in relationships, campus people err when they overspend on such. And surely this is a quick way to waste your money.


Your bank could surely be another good-money-wastage platform. Many students hardly pay attention to the kind of bank that is student-oriented and end up going for banks with high charges that end up eating a bigger chunk of their finances.

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