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New Year Resolutions That Make You Totally Cliche

There is nothing new about new year resolutions, not unless you are planning to follow them all through to the end.

Every start of the year we spend so much time, especially on the interwebs listing our new year resolutions and telling the world how changed or different we want to be.

So if everyone is making these resolutions, why are so few people actually keeping them? And why are we confining our dreams to a specific year?

Here are some of the resolutions that make you totally cliche every year:

No junk, I’ll eat healthy this year

Majority of the people who say this never keep up, because along the way they will forget and go back to burgers and pizza.

And again people make such resolutions in January just because they are broke, in real sense they would never let go of their junk.

I’m working out this year

Why would you wait for a new year to start for you to start working out? Isn’t that what everybody says? And then a month later back to normal lifestyle.

Arnold, who is a really close friend started last year with so much gusto, working out every morning but it all ended with the first month of the year.

No gossiping or ratchet behaviors 

Do you have to wait for the new year to stop this?

My friend Anne has been having this as her new year resolution for the last 5 years, but she only gets worse.

I want to make more money

How would you expect to make more money when you keep up with the same routine you had in the previous year?

I see so many people saying that this year I want more money yet they do nothing about it. Money doesn’t come from heaven like manna.

I will quit drinking

Quite a laughable resolution, right? How many times have we heard such then midway through the year someone is back to his usual drinking escapades? I’m sure you know such a person, or maybe you even are one.

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