Yahya Gondosio

I am utterly reckless with words. But I am nothing like the thoughtless conformists outside there! I seek the truth that goes beyond conventions.

Classic Judges

Moral judges are reigning supreme in today’s world. We all have at […]

Government Gazettes Turkana Varsity

The government has gazetted a university college in Turkana, making it the […]

New Year Resolutions That Make You Totally Cliche

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Talk of Campus, Alcohol And State Of The Nation

Campus is making national headlines more frequently than usual. And so is […]

Ways To Avoid Hangover

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Why Color Blocking Is Fashionable

Colors and fashion doesn’t have to be as complicated as before. Todays’ […]

How You Should Live Your Campus Life

Campus life could be fantastic and depressing at the same time. It […]

5 Ways To Maintain Friendships

We all need friends but it’s always a tough call nurturing and […]

President Puts On Hold Establishment of More Universities

President Uhuru Kenyatta has put a brake on establishment of more universities […]

Masinde Muliro University Closed Indefinitely Due To Student Unrest

Masinde Muliro university main campus was closed indefinitely on Thursday after three […]