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Barak Jacuzzi: The Revolutionary Revelation

Barak Jacuzzi, the guy behind TheJuiceBar mixtape has an almost tangible, and perhaps even a conquering air surrounding him.

When you speak to him, all of these impressions – Focus, passion, energy, and more -, will describe his persona.

TheJuiceBar, his debut mixtape got over 15 thousand airplay in a month.

Jacuzzi, radiates warmth, depth, thoughtfulness, humor, energy and a sense of self-belief. His stern facial expression when talking, reveal a person with real energy and so engulfed into what he is doing.

The Kenyan entertainer, mostly raised in the US, is a Broadcast Journalism graduate from the USIU-Africa and his energy betrays his desire to create a revolt in the country’s entertainment industry.

Jacuzzi hosts The Hump Show every Wednesday 3 pm, at Whats Good Live Studios.

He also does Bar4Bar, a monthly rap competition at The Alchemist. The competition is aimed towards supporting underground rappers  and giving them a headstart in the industry. There is a 10k money prize and studio time for the winner.

Currently working on his sophomore project dubbed Coco Season that is set to drop in July, Jacuzzi will also be performing alongside Omarion at the next Blankets and Wines.

He fancies himself as the Kenyan version of Nick Cannon or P-Diddy.

If there is anyone in the local entertainment industry now best-placed to clinch the MAMAS in the coming days then it’s Barak Jacuzzi.

Jacuzzi is surely a guy set out for the evolution of the Kenyan entertainment industry and to keep in touch with what is going on around him check him out on YouTube: Barak Jacuzzi, Twitter @Barak Jacuzzi, Instagram @Barak Jacuzzi and also on Facebook Barak Jacuzzi.


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