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2nd Edition Raw Word Festival

Campus Diary Media is giving young people a voice so that they […]

How To Know If Your Girl Is A Thot

You have enough reason to run for your dear life brother if […]

2nd Raw Word Fest: Rules and Criteria

Theme/Entries Critical essay/Non-fictional Story with African background Creative Book/Film Review Poetry   […]

Watch Video of Thieves Stealing in Roysambu Apartment

A video footage of thieves stealing in a Roysambu apartment is creating […]

Why You Should Break Up With Your Campus Boyfriend

Dating your campus-mate is an absolutely personal choice nut it can be […]

Slayer: Be Bold With Your Socks

Your socks can make you stand out from the rest of the […]

Why You Should Open Your Mind Before Your Legs

Listen girls, if you want respect then open your mind first before […]

A Guide To A Girl’s Daily Essentials

There’s only so much pressure we can take as girls so as […]

GIRL TALK: What’s In A Big Bum?

Whether it’s a bum, butt or a derriere, every girl wants a […]

Is Virginity In Your 20’s Dangerous?

According to ABC News research, men who remain virgins till their 20’s […]