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April 1st: Who’s Fooling Who?

There couldn’t be any better time to play some light-heart pranks on […]

What To Do This Long Easter Weekend

Easter is here and therefore this is going to be a long […]

Seeking Employment? This Skills Are Vital

Communication This includes listening, verbal and written. This is by far, the […]

Stuck Between Job Offers? This Is What You Do.

Searching for a job has probably consumed the majority of your time, […]

School Shouldn’t Drown You!

I recently watched a Ted talk on how the education systems in […]


And finally most students are resuming classes this week after an eventful […]


The use of filters on pictures has become very popular for social […]

It’s So Easy To ‘Ponyoka Na Fresha’

There are at least three intakes in a year, and with those […]

Become a Professional DJ With Jane

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Honored at The Photography Awards

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