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Classic Judges

Moral judges are reigning supreme in today’s world.

We all have at some point come across friends or even family who act like their moral, intellectual and even spiritual scales are higher than of those around them. These ‘holier than thou’ attitude kind of people run wild in the modern day world. The level of mediocrity and close-mindedness exhibited is really wanting.

This is a new breed judges. They seem so classy and are found all over, from twitter, to blogs, and even in our homes and churches. This clique of people that will demonize everything they dislike. Such persons who feel they have superior morals and are always condescending and patronizing others. They will speak you down and strive to make you feel morally deficient. They will laugh you off when you try to express yourself, dismissing any thoughts you might have as super-sensitive and silly.

Anne, a middle-aged woman is notoriously known in Ngumba estate neighborhood for her negativity in everything. She pokes her nose into every single business and always has something to say about every single thing or person. And none of it positive.

These sorts of people are trying so hard to project themselves as saints to the public and are usually very quick to cover up their short-comings by pointing to others.

These self-righteous minds always have reasons and solutions for everything. They will take every chance to criticize anything and everything. Nothing is good enough if its not about them. They cannot engage in constructive and intellectual arguments. They will judge anything, roundly criticize everything. They will talk about your eyes, how you smile, laugh at how you walk, make fun of how you talk.

If you are a go-getter they will brand you over-ambitious and a day-dreamer, if you have a laid back personality they will call you weak. If you are the smartest in the clique they will gossip behind your back and accuse you of being cocky and belligerent.

Hypocrisy and ignorance is so closely related and it is so easy to single out such because it has become part of our every day life. People are overly obsessed with themselves  and are not open to diversity.

A while back while watching Television with some two good friends we got into an argument  which at first I assumed was a healthy friendly chat but unfortunately it turned nasty and confrontational. This guy became rudely intrusive, malicious and aggressive. He tried making me feel inadequate by pointing out things he thought he had done better than me in the past and even dared me to a duel. Leaving the place on that day, I thought the issue was over but to my surprise  this guy took the war to twitter and roped in people who were never part of the conversation at the start and invented the most foul things about me. I don’t know maybe I was at fault in some way but hey, you don’t have to throw my mistakes to face and paint me as a devil to all who care to listen to your tantrums.

We have turned into classic judges, trying so hard to invent  fake virtues and fighting so hard to be embraced  and liked by the world.

Our stinking behaviors and failures have become someone’s else fault. In any situation we want to be the victim and point fingers the other direction. We are very quick to to brand others all sorts on accusations while we ourselves lack selflessness.

A quick example is twitter. Someone wakes up and decides to tweet about anything, creating a frenzy on the internet. People create parody accounts and talk all they wish, And the rest of the tweeps will join in without verifying anything and jump to conclusions and assumptions, throwing jibes left, right and center.

Freedom of expression is good. Everyone yearns for freedom but it should come with responsibility. We are free to play the role of judges and help in breeding good morals but let us do it with the open-mindedness it deserves. Let us not fight to rewrite reality by negating everything.

Remember we are all different in one way or another.

Besides we all make choices on what to become. And we expect our choices to be respected. Changing stance to appeal to the masses might turn someone into a looser more than a winner. It is therefore important to guard our opinions and not let them take supreme over other peoples choices.

Let us have to dignity of letting people live their private lives without trying to influence.

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I am utterly reckless with words. But I am nothing like the thoughtless conformists outside there! I seek the truth that goes beyond conventions.

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