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Do You Know What Your Underpants Mean?

The hidden undies underneath ladies clothes can reveal an awful lot about their personality.

Lacy thong
Nothing speaks of a strong personality than a lacy thong. Such a lady is usually the trend setter and is not afraid to lead the pack. Wearing it while going on a date shows that you expect to get laid and want to impress the dude. In addition they give you that sexy wedgie.

Boy shorts
A lady in boy shorts is not too feminine and is likely to be strong minded. She is confident and playful at the same time and prefers comfort so as to always be on her ‘A’ game. If a lady wears this to a date she probably just wants to hang out and prefers a low key night.

Granny panties
Hold on, I know what you’re thinking…These portray the ‘I don’t give a fuck’ attitude. They come in handy probably when you have not done your laundry. When donning such, comfort is the main priority and one doesn’t believe in being uncomfortable for the sake of style. The assumption in wearing them is that you do not get laid often.

G-string and V-string

Do they even cover anything? Anyway, G-strings voice out a spontaneous and fun loving lass. In addition, one who is confident and hip.

Tight whities
Wearing tight whities does not make you Walter White. What they say is maybe you are too young to know better or too old to care.

You probably are an old soul and loves all things vintage.

High waist
They portray an old soul kind of lass who’s mature and fascinated by the past.

Going Commando
Very easy going diva who doesn’t care about other people’s opinion and who is too lazy to do her laundry.shes got positive vibes going on and is passionate about life. She doesn’t have time for the constrictions of the underwear.

Underwear with words on the butt
Such a girl is fun and great but BE WARNED, she is selfish and high maintenance.

Boxer briefs
Very laid back mamacita who is quiet and shy…she’s the type who does her own thing.


Wanjiru Irungu

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