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Lessons From Leicester’s League Triumph

Leicester City, a club that was a favorite for relegation has left many pundits as well as professionals extremely perplexed after clinching the premier league title. As an individual who has got an eye for analysis, I was left wondering, ‘What can I learn from the underdogs who’ve turned into champions?’

Well, there is a lot –the key thing being that spirituality plays a major role in success. Always seek the intervention of the higher being you worship before you commit yourself to doing anything. Leicester’s owner, a Buddhist used to invite a Thailand monk to the King Power stadium to bless the players with water.

In as much as hard work may sound cliché, it is key to any form of success; be it academic or professional. The amount of hard work that was put in by the likes of Riyad Mahrez and Jamie Vardy throughout the season is worth being emulated.

Do not be afraid to follow your dreams no matter how absurd they may seem .The foxes were bottom of the table in the previous league but this did not demoralize them. Instead, they picked themselves up and played as if their whole lives depended on it and this culminated to their victory.

You do not need much to start. If you are looking at starting an enterprise, use the little amount of capital you have and build on it. Leicester city’s budget was just a fraction compared to the other powerhouse clubs in the English Premier League.

No man is an island and camaraderie is vital (but not the kind that incites each other to start campus strikes). Leicester’s team spirit and togetherness has been encouraged by the club owner who dished out beer and doughnuts on his birthday before a game against Southampton.

As a young entrepreneur it struck me when Atwoli was addressing workers on labor day that he couldn’t comprehend the word productivity applied in the context of the Kenyan working culture. I think the Foxes beat all odds by maximizing on the caliber of players they had and still have; and above all for capitalizing on their being underestimated to produce to the best of their skills. Young people should learn that every minute spent well at their work eliminating waste of time will garner an entrepreneurial nation and thus create a culture of being rewarded for the output given.
Wanjiru Irungu

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