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Off Campus Skills That Will Make You Attractive To An Employer

With exceptions to University of Nairobi, most varsities are almost done with exams and others are actually done with exams and now awaiting graduation. Soon-to-be graduates are starting to focus on getting jobs or internships and moving into their own places. If you’re a final year student, here are tips you need to learn. They are the ones that will highly land you a place in future job.

Sales Experience
We ignore most of these jobs as they are endlessly petrifying; but I advise you to have a taste of this before landing your dream job. Those who have done sales jobs know that they got the best negotiation skills ever! Thumbs up especially to the Insurance jamaaz! Like it or not, you’re selling yourself on a daily basis. Whether it’s meeting new people on a friendship level, on social media, or actually at an interview, the process is still technically a sale. And being able to do it well is invaluable. It’s a fundamental skill in any business of any kind, whether it be a start-up or large corporation, to have that kind of commercial awareness.


For anyone looking at getting their foot in the door with an employer, being able to fall back on sales skills will always be valuable. If you can develop that skill set while you’re studying… that’s always going to be a valuable skill set to put on your CV no matter what job function you go into later down the line.


Entrepreneurial Attitude
If you haven’t seen it on a meme lately, you’ve heard it from your mum. Attitude is everything. Regardless of how great you are at a certain hard skill, an employer is still going to choose to hire the candidate who has the personality and attitude they’ll want to work with day in and day out. The ability to demonstrate entrepreneurial skills to an employer is very attractive.


Tech & Data Analysis
The tech and information sector is growing faster each day.
And there’s a massive shortage of talent.


Everyday, tech start-ups that are looking for developers or designers or product managers. People entering the job market should really get an understanding of the opportunities within tech and the digital world because it’s one of the fastest growing sectors, it’s where salaries are very high and it’s very dynamic.

Even if you didn’t go to school for it, you can train to become a coder or developer. Looking at courses on online platforms is definitely a thing.

You have to stand out from the rest with the levels of unemployment so high

You have to stand out from the rest with the levels of unemployment so high

If coding isn’t your dream job, you should still learn data analysis. Tools like Google Analytics or Excel are particularly useful. Tools where you can see what impact marketing is having on the bottom line, or what the customer retention rate is, are all valuable to employers.


Time Management
Time management is a really important one. If you can demonstrate that you’re able to prioritize and add value to a business, it can only be a good thing. So if you’ve been able to balance a job and a good degree, that’s a great thing to put on your CV.


Communication Skills
Communication skills are what employers are really looking for: can you communicate with customers and do they feel comfortable putting you in front of a client?

Even if you’re sitting in front of a PC all day coding, that’s not enough in today’s collaborative workspace. You still need to have the ability to communicate what you’re working on to other team members. So make sure you gain experience in a customer facing role – whether it be in a retail shop or the service industry.

Happy hunting!


Lavendar Eshuchi




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