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How To Participate In The Second Raw Word Fest

The 2nd edition of the RWF envisions submissions to fall under the four main types of writing as stated below:

  • Expository – This type of writing is meant to explain or inform the subject to the reader.
  • Persuasive –In this type of writing, the piece should focus on influencing the reader towards a particular subject.
  • Narrative – The writer is expected to tell a story that is entirely factual.
  • Descriptive – It is almost similar to expository type of writing that uses the five senses to paint a picture for the reader. This writing includes imagery and noting of every specific detail of relevance.

The RWF Categories/Entries

Using the above four types of writing, the RWF authors will be expected to submit pieces in the following specified categories only;

  1. Non-fictional Story with African background
  2. Opinionated piece on a particular topic
  3. Biography / personal profile
  4. Poetry
  5. Objective essay

Festival Rules and Judging Criteria

Festival Rules

  • The submissions must fall in the given categories.
  • Must be original work
  • Should be maximum of 700 words
  • All articles must be submitted by midnight September 9th.
  • All submissions should have details of the writers including name, institution and reachable contacts.

Judging Process

The Second Raw Word Festival will have the highest levels of transparency with a proposed team of judges set to select the finalists/winners.

  1. Our editorial team to through every single submission and arrange them according to categories.
  2. Our team to flag the first round of finalists
  3. The first round of shortlisted submission to be forwarded to the outsourced panel of judges who will revise the pool and pick the best before forwarding back the submissions.
  4. The panel to go through the revised list of submissions narrowing down to 10 finalists.
  5. The panel of judges to award marks and the top high submissions will be the competition’s winners.

Judging Criteria

Several writing components will be key determinants in the competition:

  • Original voice
  • Non-fiction
  • Unique style
  • Fresh point of view
  • Creativity
  • Descriptive language
  • Good diction
  • Interesting perspectives(Not too mainstream)
  • Clear presentation
  • Lessons/impact
  • Spelling/grammar/mechanics/word count

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