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Here Are The Most Popular Drinks In Campus

Booze and college are synonymous and you cannot pretend not to have encountered this during your college life. Alcohol is unquestionably popular here.

Whether you drink or not you should at least know that for campus students, there’s always a type of drink that is popular in most cases because it’s easily available and affordable.

Everyone has their own favorite type of drink and price is quite a factor here.

Flirt Vodka

Flirt vodka is the bottle you end up buying for the ladies. They love this crap. The apple flavor is so refreshing it will make them feel like they are drinking from the apple tree.

Nancy from Kenya Methodist University concedes that she will gladly go home with a man who buys her flirt vodka.

Kibao Vodka

Kibao vodka is perfect for college students because it gives them just enough of a high without having to break the bank. The taste isn’t anything to brag about but hey, college students don’t give a shit.

John from Nairobi Aviation College and his ilk do not know any other type of alcohol. Kibao is everything for them.

Gilbeys Gin

Campus isn’t known for its alcohol selections and when it comes to Gin, anything applies. Gin is to college kids as grass is to meat. While most Gin isn’t a top choice for college students, the low cost ones like Gilbeys sells just fine.

Bluemoon Vodka

How can you be in campus and not have tried bluemoon? This is close to treason. It’s the all-time favorite for any local campus kid. And the price just makes it even more adorable.

One of the reason why this type of drink has remained in the market for quite a while is because of campus students.

Legend Brandy

You are not a campus legend if you haven’t tried this legendary brandy while in college.

Legend is an all-time favorite for any campus student and the price of the drink just makes it utterly irresistible to every campus kid who wants to indulge a little bit.



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