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Reasons Why College Students Should Live Away From Home

There is usually so much excitement when joining campus and expectations are normally pitch-high.

It is an open secret  most parents prefer their children to live at home while commuting to campus (for those who study near home).

While living away from home may pose a couple of serious challenges, find out why it’s not a good idea to be commuting daily from home:


It’s very important for college students to be left to experience life away from home. This is the only way to open up minds and help them become independent and wholly responsible.

Victor, an IT expert with a top security firm in the country attributes his staying away from home to the sober decisions he makes in life currently.

“Being away from home was a learning curve for me, it shaped me as a man,” he says.


As a young adult, it is very important for a college student to have his own space away from home and enjoy full privacy without fear of intrusion from family.

Alice, a sophomore at USIU is always complaining about his condescending parents. He lives with them in their home in Jacaranda estate and they never give her breathing space, something she needs as a young adult.


Living away from home is a totally different experience for college students.

Everything all comes down to them and juggling social life, classes and homework with the upkeep of their own apartment by themselves can be challenging and time-consuming.


There is so much peace that comes with solitude.

College students do not need to be supervised every moment and being alone will give them so much peace and a lot of time to reflect and reassess their lives.


Young people do not pay bills and will therefore hardly feel the pain of spending every single day. What better way for them to learn how to budget responsibly if not by living alone?

Being the only person living in an apartment means full responsibility for the rent, WiFi, electricity, water, gas, and whatever other bills accrued. They can’t mooch food from or share a gallon of milk with their friends, either.

A broke college kid will feel the pain of extravagance and learn how to stay well within budgets in every possible way.

Personally I learnt it the hard way. At 19, and still fresh in campus I was completely reckless with my spending but being away from home taught me to watch my habits closely.



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