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Reasons Why You Are Sweating

Everyone sweats, right? The only difference is just that the amounts and definitely the reasons for sweating are not entirely the same in everyone of us.

I can testify that excessive sweating weakens our self-esteem. And sometimes we don’t really understand what is really triggering the excessive sweat oozing from our bodies.

Fresh into my adolescent years, my biggest concern was sweating. My confidence hit a record new low when I’d find myself sweating in classroom to the point that the moisture was literally dropping on my desk, something that would make me a mockery of the whole class. It is for this reason that I decided to go to various sites and compile a couple of reasons and information on skin health that I feel will be helpful to many of the readers who are grappling with the same problem that deprived me of a fun-filled adolescent life.


Did you know emotions can trigger sweat in your body? Yes, the same thing happened to me. Whenever I witnessed strong emotions my body would become moist with sweat.

Intense emotions, from love to anger and also anxiety can make you sweat. Emotional sweating triggers the sweat glands on the palms of your hands, as well as under your arms and on the soles of your feet. That’s why your palms get moist when you see someone you are attracted to, or during a job interview.

The trick here is to try remain calm and put your emotions under control.

What Are You Eating?

This might as well be another reason your body to omit so much moisture.

According to skin experts spicy foods trigger the same receptors in your skin that respond to heat, which is why you have to dab your forehead and upper lip when you eat an extra-hot curry.

The beer you drink with that curry could also make you sweat by widening blood vessels in your skin. Even your morning coffee can cause you to sweat, because caffeine stimulates the sweat glands as well.

Constantly On Medicine?

Are you constantly on medicine? Then that again could be one of the other reason why you are sweating too much.  Antidepressants, blood pressure drugs and diabetes drugs can actually make you sweat more.

Working Out Much?

Exercising turns up your body’s internal heating system. As you pump your arms and legs, your body temperature rises. Sweating is your body’s way of getting rid of that extra heat.

Heat And Humidity

Sweating is your body’s built-in cooling system. When the temperature rises, millions of tiny sweat glands in your skin are activated and sweat is released through your pores. As your sweat evaporates, it cools you off. Yet leftover sweat can leave your skin soaked – especially on humid days when the air is already so saturated with moisture that your sweat evaporates more slowly.


Do not panic though, although it  might be strangely odd when you sweat too much, this doesn’t mean you have some sort of disorder. But rather the process of sweating plays an important role by remove all the toxic stuff in our bodies.

If your sweating levels are abnormal find help from a doctor.


By Tracy

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