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Interview: The Incredible Rise From Campus Corridors To Company Ownership

There are moments when conducting an interview and you need a perfect phrase to complete the interview. However this phrase becomes elusive and there is little choice but to think hard until the veiled word reveals itself.

This was the exact experience when engaging Lawrence Kagema, the 23 year-old Chief Executive of Spectacular Group; His confidence reveals a person with real energy and so much engulfed into what he’s doing.

Campus Diary had an interview with him and this is what we found out:

CD: You seem to possess some sort of great energy and enthusiasm

It’s what I’m made of. My dreams and vision make me the person that I am.

Spectacular Group

Spectacular Group

CD: A brief introduction of the person that you are

I’m Lawrence Kagema. I started Spectacular Group while still a student from The University of Eldoret, using my little pocket money and HELB funds.

CD: You mentioned you started the company while still in Campus, how easy or hard was it for you to divide money meant for your school expenses and risk it for a business venture?

It was a big gamble. I denied myself all the necessities to pursue my vision. At some point I sold my phone and used a ‘mulika mwizi.’ I sold most of my possessions to raise funds, in the end I didn’t have much but just a company certificate.

CD: Incredible, how did you stay on track?

It was a resilience I developed from an early age.

CD: What exactly do you do, and what’s a typical day at work for you?

Our group of companies has different operations with different managers running it. However I’m the focal point, hands-on, and I am part of every detail of the company. I am more keen on our real estate firm which deals with property/facilities/project management, development and agency/occupier brokerage. 

I’m extremely visionary and hardworking, so I have no typical day. I wake up early everyday ready for challenges and to fight on.

CD: Did you have a godfather to help you out with connections or this is all self-made?

When you have a vision and confidence to pursue it, you don’t need godfathers. You create your own path.

Work in progress

Work in progress

CD: What’s the future like for Spectacular Group, and what are you doing to help other visionary students like you go for their dreams?

  My vision for Spectacular Group is for it to be a Pan African Conglomerate that will empower millions not only in Africa but Globally as wellWe are still young and we are still growingwe will diversify into more sectors and continue to build our current business units. Spectacular Group will be the African equivalent of Berkshire Hathaway.

CD: Parting shot

To my fellow young people, life is what you make it. No one will achieve your dreams and vision for you. And there’s no perfect time. Seize the moment now.

I will leave you with a quote from one of my favorite books called THE ALCHEMIST – “when you really want something, the whole world conspires to give it to you.”



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