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Why Sugar Dating Is A Goldmine For Campus Students

Sugar dating is nothing new.

There is a golden mine in dating older people, mostly for girls. Many college girls are turning to older men for dating as the phenomenon catches up with every girl in campus.

Here are five reasons why dating a sugar daddy is becoming a more ideal option for college girls:

  1. Financial Benefits

Unlike dating boys their age, college girls find more financial security in dating older men.

Winnie (not her real name) graduated from Kenyatta University debt-free, thanks to an arrangement she had with a man as old as her father.

During her first year, she was severely broke and almost dropped out of college due to lack of fees.

Now, almost three years and several sugar daddies later, she is set to graduate from the University free and clear, while some of her peers are burdened with college expenses. She boasts of having her own house and a ready job waiting for her. And her story is synonymous with a bigger percentage of college girls.


   2. No strings attached

These words are music to many carefree young people who are enjoying life in their 20s and are not looking to settle down and commit to one person while still very  young – there’s plenty of time for that when they’re older anyway! The sugar daddy relationship is similar to a friends-with-benefit agreement, with added prize. You both leave your emotions outside the bedroom but also appreciate the other outside of sex and what they have to offer.


3. It’s an open arrangement

This one is an honest arrangement and you both know what you exactly want from such. The rules and guidelines are crystal clear as most of these are normally short-term. In most cases the sugar daddy is a family man while the college girl is here for just for her college term and will find someone younger once she is stable enough.

4. No extra baggage

Extra baggage is normally the death of many relationships. Whether it be family responsibilities, ex-partners or even financial issues, baggage from the past can often deflower an otherwise perfect relationship. Older men are less likely to allow external issues to spoil the possibilities and will often take his partner’s external responsibilities on board without much condescending.


5.Monogamy isn’t required

While this doesn’t apply to all relationships of this nature, it certainly applies to a bigger percentage. Jealousy is not an issue – you can enjoy one another’s company and also go out and have fun with others.  It is sort of an open relationship.

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